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Are you looking for a part-time, fun, flexible work-from-home opportunity that fits well around your family life?

Are you keen to set up your own business and be your own boss but still want support to help you along the way?

About Us

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest in joining the largest and most successful long standing Baby and Children’s Market franchise opportunity and hope you find the following information helpful in deciding if our rewarding and fun franchise opportunity is right for you and your family.

My husband and I launched the original Baby & Children’s Market nearly new sales franchise in Berkshire back in January 2010 after relocating from Australia to be back with family. Over the years our 7 year old son has gained so much from us running the events along with us saving a fortune on toys, clothes and equipment.

So much has happened since we started our first Baby & Children’s Market which seems a long time ago now and over the 6 years we have seen it grown beyond our expectation with the help of our fantastic team of franchisee's. A lot has been learnt along the way and a lot of fun has been had expanding our business across the UK.

Our mission and passions are to:

  • Provide the parental community with a regular pop up market to buy and sell on quality nearly new children’s items from birth to 9 years all under one roof.
  • Help the local parental community make and save money for there growing families. Provide the community with a friendly, well-organised and professional service.
  • Help the environment by encouraging families to reduce waste by recycling their pre-loved and unused children’s items.
Now in 2016, we are currently operating Baby & Children’s Market nearly new sales in over 300 towns from the North to the South of the UK thanks to our dedicated and hard working team of franchisees  (Mums & Dads) that have helped us expand across the country over the past 6 years.
We gain a lot of enjoyment putting on our markets that have such a great community feel. It’s helping the parental community save a fortune on children’s items plus encourages recycling at the same time.

What’s involved?

As an Event Manager you will be required to source out a suitable venue, advertise extensively to ensure you gain stall bookings and good attendance in the local area and run the market on the day.

We will guide you through the process every step of the way with setting up your own Baby & Children’s Market business, from sourcing & booking a venue to marketing the event and running it on the day with clear step by step instructions.

A large percentage of your time is taken up in marketing the event using various forms of advertising.

Majority of our advertising is done online and can easily be done during the evenings after the children have gone to bed, during school time or nap time.

This involves listing your event on various websites, building up a fan base on your County Facebook and Twitter page along with posting on parenting forums etc. We will provide you with a list of suggested sites to start you off while you build up your own local contacts.

The key role in running events:

  • Finding suitable venues
  • Processing stall bookings / invoicing sellers
  • Promote and advertise events using various forms of advertising tools that have proven successful.
  • Building relationships with local baby & children’s businesses in your area and nationally.
  • Manage and run a successful event on market day.

The good thing about taking on a business opportunity such as this is that you can work around your families needs, creating that work / life balance. You choose the hours that suit you and your family.

What kind of people are we looking for?

We are looking for self-driven enthusiastic individuals who are outgoing, friendly, hard working and have a inner determination to succeed. Our business model suits an individual who is self motivated and keen to set up their own home based business that is fun, flexible and works well around their family life. Ideally you should have a good local knowledge of your area, where family friendly businesses are located and where parents (mums) hang out!

What we require from you:

  • The time to put into a new business to ensure it’s succeeds.
  • Have great organizational skills and not afraid of hard work.
  • Ideally you will have sound knowledge of online social media professionally or personally.
  • Have good computer skills and experience using the Internet is essential.
  • Have an excellent command of both verbal and written english.
  • Be friendly, flexible and customer focused.
  • Someone that is outgoing and good at building relationships in the community.
  • Motivation and drive to succeed.
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
  • You have a full driving licence and access to a car.

*Our business model is suited to people who work part-time, have another business or stay at home mums looking to run their own home based business.

The sort of person that will succeed in this business are self-driven and have initiative and a willingness to work hard at promoting themselves and their events. The more time and marketing effort is put into your events, the more potential remuneration is achieved.

Initial outlay?

We have been operating our markets for over 6 years now and with the help of our franchisee's we now have regular events running from the South to the North of the United Kingdom. What we provide you is a ready made successful business model that has been tested and proven successful for not only us but our franchisee's. You will receive ongoing support and guidance from head office but also experienced franchisee's.

Joining Fee:

Join UK's most successful Baby & Children's Market (nearly new sales) with our affordable low cost joining fee of £350 for a exclusive new territory. *We do allow franchisee’s to extend their territory at no extra cost.

Management Fee:

We charge a low cost flat management fee per event rather than taking a large % of your revenue you generate. So the harder you work the more you gain from your business venture. Why should we gain more from your hard work?

The great thing about running your own business is you don’t have to wait until payday for the money to come in. As soon as you start promoting your events to gain stall bookings you will have positive cash flow coming into the business/your pocket before market day.

What we provide you?

What we offer our Event Managers is the opportunity to run your own proven small business which is 100% managed by you!. Our role is to provide you with all the key information you need to get you up and running within 6 - 7 weeks along with providing you with ongoing guidance and support which will help you grow a successful and profitable Baby & Children’s Market business in your area.

What you will receive when joining our team:

  • A comprehensive franchisee event managers step-by-step manual that has everything you need to know about establishing, marketing and running your new business venture. So when ready you can be up and running within weeks of joining!
  • Your exclusive territory will be initially made up of up to 5 market locations (by town/postcode/ boroughs) providing you with a large enough area for your business to grow. The option to expand this territory is available at no extra cost.
  • 1 large branded PVC 6ft x 2ft outdoor professional banner
  • 1 printed T-Shirt with company logo
  • All the marketing resources, email templates and documentation you will require to get you up and running!
  • Baby and Children’s market email account/address.
  • Use of our website (Dedicated area for your county)
  • Dedicated Franchisee Forum to share and receive informative information and support.
  • Use of our Facebook County pages (80,000 + followers across the board and growing) and Twitter to entice customers in your local area at attend your events.
  • Opt-in email marketing mailing list that keeps our customers up to date with when and where our events are on each week.
  • Use of our professional branded marketing material - flyers,banners, posters, loyalty cards, shopping bags and more..
  • Use of our business contacts -insurance, printers, artwork desiger, accountants etc
  • Use of our baby and children’s industry contacts.
  • Ongoing support to help you every step of the way.

**Plus we have proven additional income boosting opportunities made available to Baby & Children's Market franchisee's to increase revenue.

Testimonials from our Franchisees?

I have been a franchisee for just over a year, with the guidance and knowledge of the franchisor I have built an excellent small business working from home around the demands of having two littles ones. We have an amazing community of franchisees around the country who all put in their best efforts to run successful and professional events. Long may this continue! I am always available if you would like to contact me. Tina Raven - E:

I have been a franchisee for three years and the support and knowledge you get from the franchisor and fellow franchisees is amazing, We are a fantastic team! Any questions about my experience e-mail Ingrid Mahadi -

A franchisee of three years, now running markets in 5 areas. This is an excellent value franchise that is making me money, getting me out meeting people and has been a massive boost to my self confidence. Well priced fees and a wealth of help and experience are readily available. I am available if you wish to get in touch - Heather Marsh -

I have been a Franchisee for almost a year, and the help and knowledge from the franchisor is fantastic . Our team is amazing and we are all very proud to run such amazing events in our local communities. Feel free to contact me about my experience of being part of the original Baby and Children's Market team. Wendy Adams. Feel feel to contact me on

We have been franchisees for 3 years now and run events in 6 areas, its a lot of hard work but the rewards and job satisfaction are worth all the effort we put in. The franchisor gives us so much support and guidance for all of our events and their advice is welcomed with open arms. You never feel alone with the network of other franchisees to share their experience and knowledge and their support is amazing. What a fabulous team we are! Happy to have a chat about our experience at Leon & Yvette Budd.

My hubby and I have been franchisees for 4 years now and run events in 7 areas. It's so flexible (we have 3 kids!!) but such a good little earner that meant I didn't have to return to work when our 2nd was born 3yrs ago. The guidance and constant help is fantastic and the business is constantly growing and improving. Feel free to drop us a line for our real info on what life is like as a franchisee! Tom & Jaz McCarthy -

Why go it alone, when you can be part of an established well respected award winning fast growing UK brand that provides you with ongoing support from us and from our experienced Event Managers along the way.

We have done all the hard work so we can provide you with a ready made successful business opportunity that you can start when ready!

To date we have received national media coverage in well know publication such as Emma's Diary, Mothercare's Gurgle Magazine, Mother & Baby Magazine, Families Magazine, Primary Times Magazine, ABC Magazine, Raring to Go Magazine a variety of local newspapers and parenting magazines. Coverage on local radio stations across the UK.

As our brand awareness grows nationally in the coming years so does your small business grow with it.

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