14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

With Christmas just around the corner, children the world over are beginning to feel the excitement as they eagerly await the big day. As parents, we want to make the festive season as magical as possible for our little people. Luckily, help is at hand. We’ve scoured the internet and found the 14 best Christmas websites and apps to help parents spread some cheer this festive season.

14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

1. Portable North Pole

Sprinkle a bit of Christmas magic with Portable North Pole. This clever website will create a personalised video message to your child from Santa for free. The video itself is beautifully made and will leave children of all ages completely mesmerized.

2. Capture the Magic

Using this website or app, you can give your child proof that Santa was indeed inside your house. Simply upload a photo of the room in your house that Santa visited and add one of their Santas to it. Voila – a picture of Santa in your house for the kids to treasure!

3. Christmas Countdown

‘How long is it until Christmas?’ Are you fed up of being asked this question? With Christmas Countdown you can pinpoint how long they have to wait to the second, so you’re always ready with an answer.

14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

4. North Pole

North Pole is your ultimate Christmas resource. Packed with crafts, games, gift ideas, recipes and letters from Santa, this website is a must for adults as well as kids.

14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

5. Why Christmas?

Why do we have Christmas trees? What is Santa’s first name? Find out everything you need to know about Christmas, including the stories behind all our Christmas traditions, on this informative website. There are also Christmas games and activities to delight the little ones.

6. Jinglebell Junction

For all your Christmas downloads, look no further than Jinglebell Junction. Avatars, wallpaper, ringtones…you’ll find it all here plus fun activities and games for the kids.

7. Elfster

If you’ve been tasked with organising Secret Santa for your or your child’s friends, Elfster is a handy website to guide you through it with ease. Each participant can create a wishlist, upload their details and Elfster will conduct the draw plus send out reminders and thank yous. For stress-free Secret Santa, Elfster is a must.


Thanks to the North American Aeorospace Defence Command, you can track Santa as he flies through the skies on Christmas Eve. Your little ones will be beyond excited to watch it all as it happens.

14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

9. Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself is loved the world over and is fast becoming a Christmas tradition for the digital age. All you need to do is upload a picture of yourself or you child and you will be transformed into a dancing elf. Magic!

10. Email Santa

As the name suggests, this website allows your child to receive a personalised email from the big man himself. Simply fill out a form with a few details and your message from Santa will appear within seconds.

11. Santa Tracker

This beautiful creation from Google provides stimulating games, activities and animations for the kids. You can also learn more about how children all around the world celebrate Christmas.

14 Essential Christmas Websites and Apps for Parents

12. Live Santa

From the 1st December you can watch all the comings and goings in Lapland via the Live Santa website. Watch Santa prepare for Christmas, see the elves and reindeer and marvel at the beautiful, snow-covered landscape.

13. Claus

With Claus.com you have access to your very own Christmas village. Check to see your naughty or nice status and find songs, games and interactive activities.

14. Letter from Santa

For a suggested donation of £5, you can order a beautiful, personalised message from Santa, while helping children in need this Christmas.


And if you’re worried about how much Christmas is gong to cost, don’t forget to check out our Christmas money saving tips here.

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