Low Cost Summer Activities

Jugs Of Fun

This post is part of our Low Cost Summer series

Here at Baby and Children’s Market we strongly believe that the summer can be fun without costing a fortune. It’s the spontaneous, simple activities that often provide kids with the most entertainment.

Creating a pouring station in your garden (or inside if you’re brave) is a quick, easy and cheap activity that will captivate little children for hours. Most kids love playing with water – so providing it in different colours with lots of jugs, scoops and bottles to pour it with will have them hooked.

I tried this activity with my children, aged 7 and 3. While my 7 year old was only entertained for about 10 minutes, my 3 year old spent over an hour pouring the coloured water in and out of different containers. He was mesmerised, while I sat and read a book. A win-win situation for us both!

Low Cost Summer Activities

Create your own Jugs of Fun Pouring Station

You will need:

1 under-bed storage container

An assortment of bottles, jugs, plastic containers and cups

A few drops of food colouring


Low Cost Summer Activities

All you need to do is fill the various containers with water, add a couple of drops of food colouring to each and put them in the storage box.  Then let the kids pour away!

For a low cost, fun summer activity, you can’t do much better than this. All I needed to do was sit close by and make sure no-one drank the water.

Why not try it and see if your little ones are equally as captivated?

Aimee Foster is a mum, freelance writer and social media manager, stationery addict and Diet Coke lover. Find more of her ramblings over on her blog New Forest Mum.

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