8 Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

8 Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

In today’s digital world, pregnancy announcements on social media are the norm. Posting on your favourite social network is a quick and effective way to let everybody know your exciting news.

We took to Instagram to find some uniquely creative pregnancy announcemnts and weren’t disappointed with what we found. The pregnancy announcements below are easy to recreate and are sure to be a big hit with friends and family!

1. Balloons

US blogger, Jessica Roberts used gold number balloons to announce her latest pregnancy. Lining up her adorable children and numbering each one with the seventh balloon on her bump was an original and incredibly cute way to share her big news.




2. Loading Sign

Bump art doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple ‘loading’ image is an exciting way to unveil your pregnancy to friends and family!


3. Shoes

In this case it was an adorable pair of tiny Converse, but you could use any kind of shoe to recreate this beautiful pregnancy announcement.

4. Pets

Not wanting to leave your furry friends out of the excitement, why not include them in your pregnancy announcement?

We’ve been keeping a secret for the past couple of weeks! #pregnancyannouncement

A post shared by Sarah Pierce (@sarah_pierce14) on

5. Siblings

How about using a picture of your children’s first ever conversation?!


6. A Slogan Tee

Slogan tees are all the rage these days and you can find many different ways to tell the world you’re pregnant without having to say a word!



7. Cake

If you know someone who can make a cake like this one or you can make it yourself, this would be a very tasty way to share the news.

8. Spell It Out

A lightbox, chalkboard or noticeboard will allow you to tell everyone the big news in your own unique way.

For this little child we have prayed ❤️

A post shared by S A Eng (@meet.the.engs) on

How did you announce your pregnancy? We’d love to hear about more creative pregnancy announcements!

April 15th, 2018 / Leanne Taylor / 0 comments

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